If you’re expecting a little one, you’re probably feeling the same mix of emotions all moms-to-be feel: excitement, anticipation, and maybe even a bit of apprehension. 

A great way to make this special time more memorable is to get some stunning maternity pictures taken by a professional photographer.

While there are some classic poses and looks that are great for any casual maternity shoot, with just a few creative ideas, your photos will be nothing short of amazing. 

Creative Ideas for a Casual Maternity Photoshoot

For what to wear, don’t miss this blog post with the 12 best clothes and dresses for your maternity session. With a wide color palette, bold prints, solid colors, a white dress, maxi dresses, and a casual outfit (or two) with a pop of color, these outfit ideas on Amazon are affordable and perfect!

Some of these looks will make you and your pregnant body the star of the show and turn a simple pose into a great pose.

Creative Ideas for a Casual Maternity Photoshoot

Creative Ideas for a Casual Maternity Photoshoot

Throughout this article I will also share some maternity photo ideas from the professional photos I spotted online. If you’re going to DIY maternity photos, you’re in the right place to find lots of options.

1. Pick A Theme 

Choosing a theme for your maternity shoot can add an extra layer of fun to the experience. Whether it’s dressy or casual, there are many options to choose from. 

If you have a special hobby or interest like gardening or cooking, incorporate those elements into your shoot as well.

Pick something that reflects your personality and style—maybe it’s Parisian chic or vintage glamour.

You can use your theme in a great location like an open field, your living room, the baby’s room, and with the whole family or small children.

Creative Ideas for a Casual Maternity Photoshoot
Creative Ideas for a Casual Maternity Photoshoot

2. Include Your Little One 

For many moms-to-be, their first pregnancy is especially exciting since they get to welcome their very first baby into the world. 

If you already have other children in the family, involve the soon-to-be older siblings in the photo shoot too. This can be as simple as having your family members be part of the pictures with mom and dad or dressing up in matching outfits with mom. 

It’s also a great idea to use props like balloons with words like “love” and “family” written on them for added fun. These make the best family photos. 

3. Have Some Fun With Accessories 

Maternity shoots don’t have to be serious all the time—sometimes adding items like hats and scarves in cooler weather can bring out some fun.

You could even try using ribbons flowing from above in certain shots or use flowers for that touch of elegance in different poses. 

Of course, don’t forget about mom’s adorable baby bump. Showcase it with belly art pieces or belly accessories like large flower crowns, for example.

Creative Ideas for a Casual Maternity Photoshoot
Creative Ideas for a Casual Maternity Photoshoot

I used a pair of baby shoes in my first (and only) maternity portraits.

For some cute baby shoes to include in your gorgeous images, check out these crochet baby shoes on Etsy. They’re less than $30 and you get to choose the color of yarn used to create them.

Creative Ideas for a Casual Maternity Photoshoot

Very different from the shoes, but also on Etsy, I’m obsessed with this embellished rhinestone maternity gown. The coolest part? It’s available to rent.

If you practice maternity photography, then I’d buy it in a few colors for pregnant clients in their third trimester.

Creative Ideas for a Casual Maternity Photoshoot

There are so many great ideas out there when it comes to planning your maternity photo session. From picking a theme to including props and accessories—all these maternity photo shoot elements come together to create beautiful photos that highlight this best time. 

Find me on Instagram and let me know what you’re doing for your casual maternity photoshoot at @ChristinaAllDay.com. Share some of your favorite photo ideas with me so I can add them to this post.

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