Living in South Florida, patios are kind of a big deal. They are a great place to hang out, especially in the winter. 

One of the things you can do is install an aluminum patio cover – and yes, you can totally do it yourself with an aluminum patio cover kit. 

A DIY patio cover kit is a great solution if you’re not looking for something permanent. Because of high winds, the case of price, and the hassle of dealing with a building permit, this may be the best option for you. 

These patio cover kits make it an easy decision to play with an unlimited size range for your backyard. Just make sure you’re getting the right kit for the square foot area you want to cover.

Yes, the popular alumawood patio covers are included below. Alumawood typically costs about 25% more than wood but will last longer and have less maintenance.

Why Choose an Aluminum Patio Cover?

There are many materials to choose from when buying or building your DIY project. You have vinyl, polycarbonate materials, and even steel, but as a conscious homeowner, aluminum is your best bet for many reasons. 

Aluminum is a great material because it will not corrode. This is important because your outdoor patio is exposed to different types of weather and elements. Aluminum is also a strong material, yet it is lightweight making installation a little easier. Plus, you can get creative with colors too!

Now let’s get into the different patio cover systems.

9 DIY Aluminum Patio Cover Kits

Pergola Patio Cover

A pergola is not entirely a patio cover but it provides a shade for the area and is beautiful to look at. 

Even in DIY kits, a pergola can merge well with a house structure or a backyard. The only disadvantage is that it does not fully cover the patio area which may result in early signs of damage to your patio. You are also not completely sheltered under it. 

You could find a canopy to place on top to provide more protection, but then you lose the stunning aesthetic that makes a pergola desirable. Many people just love the pergola as it is… a little sunshine is good for your health anyway!

Awning Patio Cover

An awning provides more cover for your patio and is ideal for Florida summers and winters. It protects your patio from the sun, rain, snow (if you live up North), and practically anything else! 

Keep in mind that an awning patio cover may also be more challenging to install because it will need to be bolted against the exterior wall. When choosing your DIY awning kit, make sure to get the measurements right and be ready to put in a little sweat.

Gazebo Patio Cover

The gazebo is the big brother of the three. It’s a bit of a mash-up between a pergola and an awning. Some people may think it’s not an appropriate patio cover but a lot of homeowners are swearing by this setup because it gives you a completely separate outdoor space. 

These DIY kits are a bit more expensive because you have floors, walls, and a ceiling. However, gazebo kits are stronger and can last you many years, and provide a beautiful design.

Best DIY Aluminum Patio Covers

Now that we know about the different kinds of DIY aluminum patio cover kits, let’s go shopping! These are some of the favorites I found on Amazon. (For more of my favorites on Amazon, scroll to the bottom of this page to see my top 18 finds!)

I like shopping for these things on Amazon because if you’re a Prime Member, you get free delivery and you get to see what people say about the product and installation in the review section. Some of the patio covers shared below are affiliate links.

1. Best Aluminum Frame Retractable Pergola 


If you want a pergola with a good cover this one is for you. This modern louvered pergola combines a traditional open roof pergola and a pavilion with a closed roof. 

It is 10 feet by 13 feet and can cover up to 130 square feet of shade. Made out of an aluminum alloy frame and galvanized steel roof panels, simple to clean. The water drain plan and tilted structure guarantee water to stream out of the edges of the frame and poles. 

This includes the removable privacy curtains and netting which helps keep bugs out of the gazebo and also provides private space.

Best Aluminum Frame Retractable Pergola

2. Better Aluminum Frame Retractable Pergola


This is a great option for a covered pergola, but at a much more discounted price than the one mentioned above. 

The customizable canopy offers ideal shade from harsh sun rays. You can open it for shade or push it away to enjoy the daylight to suit your comfort level. 

The pergola frame is made of high-quality, rust-proof aluminum covers, which is strong, lightweight, and ensures durability for many years while it adds style and ambiance to your garden, pool, deck, patio, or yard, making your outdoor living space the ideal spot. 

Better Aluminum Frame Retractable Pergola

3. Good Aluminum Frame Retractable Pergola


This patio pergola can catch harsh sunbeams and rain showers. The aluminum frame and superior rust-free coating ensure long-term sturdiness. Also, the ground stakes are included for adding stability – a must for any outdoor structure. 

The design allows you to adjust the sunshade according to your needs, perfectly accommodating your requirement for sheltering. This is the most budget-friendly among the three suggestions, and although the majority are happy with its end product, some did complain it looks and feels flimsy. 

Good Aluminum Frame Retractable Pergola

4. Best Aluminum Awning


Sun protective fabric weaving properties of the material make this awning breathable so it won’t trap heat and moisture like other lower-quality fabric. The simple open and close operation can be done by a hand crank. 

This awning comes with a three-month warranty and money-back guarantee.

NOTE: This item is not suitable for rainy weather, so it should only be out when the weather is nice.

Best Aluminum Awning

5. Better Aluminum Awning


This canopy awning is up to the task of providing UV and water-resistant coverage. It can be freely and smoothly opened and closed with the easy-to-access, retractable 60-inch hand crank. 

The large canopy covers up to 54 square feet and is unobstructed by support structures-ideal for entertaining guests!

Some buyers did complain about the awning collapsing after a few days, so make sure everything is bolted strong to your support beam or wall to avoid accidents. Also, I don’t suggest keeping out in windy or rainy weather.

Better Aluminum Awning

6. Good Aluminum Awning


With a sturdy aluminum and steel frame, this patio awning is ideal for providing shade. The build-up frame and water-resistant polyester fabrics make the awning superior in material and excellent in workmanship. It can be easily mounted on the wall with the included accessories.

NOTE: The manufacturer is honest with saying it will not be able to survive very high winds or rain.

Good Aluminum Awning

7. Best Aluminum Gazebo


The Alexander Aluminum Gazebo elevates your backyard, or other outdoor space, by adding a component of comfort and sophistication that will impress your guests. This gazebo is built for stability, with extremely durable aluminum, light non-rusting material that ensures your investment lasts for a lifetime.

If you live in a part of the country that suffers from mosquitoes (and mosquitoes love me, unfortunately), the net sidewall ensures a bug-free and pleasant dining experience.

The downside for this product is that this type of cover may heat quickly under the sun and reach a very high temperature. The patio area may become too uncomfortable during the summer days. Like everything else on this list, assembly is required and will take approximately six hours with a few people.

Best Aluminum Gazebo

8. Better Aluminum Gazebo 


This outdoor gazebo has ventilated double tops to provide safety from harmful UV rays while the unique design allows wind to pass through so you can feel a breeze. The sturdy, powder-coated rust-resistant hardtop gazebo frame is built with a 4.7” x 4.7″ triangular aluminum stand pole.

Some buyers have complained about the lack of details on the instructions.

Better Aluminum Gazebo

9. Good Aluminum Gazebo 


This outdoor pergola gazebo by Outsunny is the perfect addition to any residential or commercial space by creating an inviting outdoor dining space for your restaurant or backyard. 

The retractable canopy top allows you to create an open-air feel and protects your guests from harmful UV rays. You can adjust the canopy top as you desire to enjoy the sunshine or rest in shade. 

Although a lot of people love this product, some did complain about how flimsy it is. Make sure to retract the canopy during heavy rain as instructed by the manufacturer for it to last longer.

Good Aluminum Gazebo

Your DIY Aluminum Patio Space

Life is always better when spent outdoors. It’s actually proven to put people in a better mood, so while we may not be able to go out and enjoy nature every day, we can enjoy an outdoor moment at home with our patio space.

To improve your area, you can always order a DIY aluminum patio cover. Choosing aluminum for durability is a must, but be sure you’re buying one that a.) you can put together, and b.) will withstand the outdoor elements where you live. 

Remember, the ones shared here are not ideal if you’re looking for a permanent structure like the one pictured below.

9 DIY Aluminum Patio Cover Kits

When you get your new backyard set up, please tag me in a picture on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay so I can see your new space. Did you go with an alumawood patio cover kit or are there types of patio covers you think I should add to this list? 

I’d love to include different options for the DIY homeowner with steel carports, a front gutter, sail shades, fan beams, and more, so let me know what custom patio cover kit is your favorite – carport kits, a lattice patio cover, etc. What individual needs is your own patio cover meeting? Tell me!

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