What started as one keloid scar? A teenager convinced she was an ugly duckling because she had keloids.

My friend Golda Wasimin developed a severe case of acne on her face and back when she was a teenager. She didn’t think anything of it until the acne on her back hardened and turned into keloid scars.

Keloid Definition

keloid scar

Keloids are firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules, and can vary from pink to the color of the patient’s flesh or red to dark brown. A keloid scar is benign and not contagious, but sometimes accompanied by severe itchiness, pain, and changes in texture.

As Golda got older, she realized the physical and emotional impact keloid scarring had on her.

How do you get rid of keloids?

Well, you don’t. Her family spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of them through steroid injections and different topical creams with no avail. For years she was ashamed of her back since it was covered in keloids, but when she turned 30 she was tired of feeling sorry for herself.

The Ugly Ducking

Golda decided to use her story to encourage young women and men to accept and love themselves. That’s when Golda wrote a book recounting her struggles as a teenager and sectioned her book in four topics:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Spiritual


She is very honest about her battle with depression and anxiety. She provides tips on how to cope and still have a successful life in her book: Ugly Duckling: Overcoming Shame and Finding True Beauty.

How to Deal with Depression

Hear are five practical tips that helped Golda deal with depression after her attempt at getting rid of keloids failed.


1. Eating a balanced diet

“It is very easy to get sucked into eating fast-food. I strive to prepare my lunches on Sunday evening, so I am not tempted to buy fast food during the work week. I also try not to buy junk food such as chips and cookies so that I don’t have it available at home.”

2. Being physically active

“It is recommended to exercise 30 minutes a day, three to four times a week. Exercise reduces your risk for type 2 diabetes and improves your overall health and mood.”

3. Getting enough sleep

“When I do not get enough sleep, I complain and become irritable. Sleep helps with learning and memory. It is recommended to get seven to eight hours a night. I strive to go to bed around the same time each night so my body gets into a systematic routine.”

4. Limiting alcohol and non-prescribed drugs (or completely eliminating them)

“Consuming alcohol is not bad in itself. (I love a glass of wine after a stressful day at work!) It is advised to limit alcohol to three drinks on any day and seven per week.

However, if you are on medications or managing a medical condition, you might be required to have less alcohol. Too much alcohol consumption increases your risk of developing and dying from heart disease.”

5. Spending time with supportive friends and family

This might seem like a given, but spending time with caring friends and family boosts self-esteem and builds character. Honestly, most children want time from their parents and not just material things.”

Ugly Duckling to Swan

Golda is now an advocate of self-acceptance and promotes awareness on the topic of keloid skin. If someone has a single keloid scar, multiple keloids or nothing at all, there is always something to be dissatisfied with.


She recommends following these three daily tips in finding contentment.

1. Try to focus on what you still have

“Focusing on what you have builds gratitude. Constantly comparing yourself with others can make you resentful of their success. Everyone is on their own path and comparing yourself to someone else’s is not advantageous.”

2. Don’t become self-absorbed: See how you can comfort others

“Instead of feeling sad for yourself, see how you can make a positive impact in the life of someone less fortunate or who is in need. Helping others will shift your focus from your problems and alter your viewpoint in life.” (Golda, I love this!)

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3. Pray to God for practical wisdom

“Praying to God might sound cliché, but this really helped me. Often times, people are focused on your physical appearance. However, God sees the inner person. He sees your heart and understands your thoughts. If no one appreciates you, be assured that God loves and cares for you. Praying is a way to build a relationship with God.”

Golda’s goal is to encourage all those who have a negative self-image and help them to find a measure of happiness in life.

Her eBook can be found here.

She will personally sign your hard copy if you email her at goldanitv@gmail.com. The first 20 people who mention MASCARA MAVEN will have their book signed by Golda and have free shipping!

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