When it comes to microblading your eyebrows or using any kind of permanent makeup, it’s important to see someone who is an expert and has graduated from PhiBrows, an internationally known academy for makeup artists who specialize in mircoblading.

I recently had mine done… again. The first time was a great experience by Eyebrows by G in Miami. Since getting my eyebrows microbladed there, I’ve moved further north to Palm Beach County. My microblading has also faded a lot. This is common in women who have oily skin like me.

microblading in wellington

Microblading in Wellington

So, when Josie Morera with The Brow and Beauty Studio in Wellington reached out to me, I was interested in getting my eyebrows microbladed again. Not only was it many months after my last microblading, but it was also a lot closer to home.

My mom was visiting from Ohio, so she joined me for the appointment… and ended up making her own appointment for just two days later to get her eyebrows microbladed in Wellington too! Look at her before and after pictures. Insane, right?!

microblading in wellington

microblading in wellington

Be sure to scroll down to see some more pictures of the microblading process. I’m going to break it down for you here too.

Before Microblading

Before you go in for your appointment, the person who will do your eyebrows will ask you questions about your skincare and medication.

This is a form of a tattoo, so it’s important to not be using a skin prescription like Retin-A before your treatment. You also can’t drink or take medications that thin your blood, like Xanax, for example.

Before you begin, your PhiBrows artist will explain the process and the post care for your eyebrows as well.

Then, get ready to relax because you’re going to be laying down for at least two hours!

microblading in wellington

The Microblading Process

No, it doesn’t hurt. I have to start with this point because it was a concern of mine for months before I first committed. Most permanent makeup artists will use numbing cream to make the process enjoyable. There is no use in feeling it if you don’t have to, right?

Before you are numbed, your PhiBrows artist will measure and draw on your soon to be perfectly shaped eyebrows. Then, it’s time to get them on there!

There are a couple of forms of this cosmetic procedure.

microblading in wellington

One is microblading – the actual tattooing of brush strokes that look like tiny hairs on the eyebrow. This is the most common because you really can’t tell it’s ink and not hair.

The other is known as power (or ombre). This is when the tattoo is more like shading or coloring in the area of the eyebrow. In this process, you hear the noise that you associate with a tattoo gun. You can feel this process more.

I have had both done. Why? I love the look of the individual hair strokes, but because my skin is so oily, it doesn’t last as long as it does on someone with dry skin. The hombre, or powder, lasts longer on oily skin, so that is why I get both done.

After Microblading

The mircoblading post-care is the most annoying part. (Just like the post-care of getting LASIK eye surgery is… or I’d imagine like the post-care of getting a tattoo is.)

When you leave the spa or salon, your eyebrows will look dark. This is because the ink is fresh and there is redness and swollenness underneath your eyebrows. They will lighten over the next few days.

microblading in wellington

On the first day, you need to wash your eyebrows with sterilized water and cover them with a Vaseline-like ointment.

You need to keep them dry for 10 days. Yes, 10 days! During this time, you need to lightly cover them with the Vaseline-like ointment a few time a day.

While they are healing, you will notice that some part of the skin underneath your eyebrows will scab and fall off. Don’t worry, because the pigment will come back.

After about 10 days, you can treat your brows just like you normally would. The best part? No more eyebrow pencils are needed!

Microblading Touch Up

Eight weeks after your first visit, you will need a touch-up.

In addition, to see how you’re healing, the color may fade in the first eight weeks, so you will get a little extra boost in the eyebrow department on this visit.

The length of this visit depends on how well you retained the pigment, but it is not as long as the original visit.

Now, you should be set for six months to a couple of years, depending on your skin type.

For more information about microblading in Wellington, contact Josie Morera at The Brow and Beauty Studio at (561) 898-1996.

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