Everything starts with you and the way you think.

Why wouldn’t positive actions and words come from a positive place? The perspectives you have when experiencing this world, the space shared with others, and the interactions with yourself make this life a beautiful one – because it is lovely regardless of what we believe or have experienced. 

A 7 Step Guide to Positive Thinking

Positivity has a reputation for being the inspirational stepping stone that initially kick starts the life you want. However, positive perspectives carry immense truth and liberation, no matter how many times we make jokes about them. Perspective becomes experience!

Remember these thoughts when you need a perspective change for the better or a reminder of what you already know.

positive thinking

1. Recognize that mistakes are meant to be building blocks, not setbacks.

We tend to look back on things we’ve done wondering why on earth we did it, question the words we retaliated out of anger, and blame ourselves for things we didn’t accomplish. But you know what? All that is a part of growing up, because it teaches us to not make the same mistake twice, take a moment to process our words before we speak, and to ease up next time.

Even if the world feels like it stopped spinning, you are still moving forward every day; having a fear of making mistakes is a stressor worth letting go. You must accept that failure is inevitable. Only our negative reactions make them worse than they need to be.

2. Believe and trust in yourself.

We’re with you here – believing and trusting in yourself is easier said than done, and while it takes a long time, it is a battle worth fighting. Everyone has their own insecurities, doubts, hesitations, and overall fear being given this choice. This may be the hardest phase to overcome when trying to change your perspective because these are the ways you see yourself, not anything or anyone else. But if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you grow and dive into new and unfamiliar territory?

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3. Treat your body with the utmost kindness.

You can run, sing, dance, play, sleep, and infinitely so much more! Give your body the treatment it deserves because it is the vessel that houses every emotional and physical capability you have. Eat food that is both healthy and happy in your tummy. Exercise to test the limits and strengths your body can reach – whether that be taking a kickboxing class or greeting the morning sun with yoga. Take long showers and soak in the bath with your favorite book. Splurge on a massage or beauty treatment to purely enjoy it! If you are kind to yourself, you also spread that kindness everywhere you go.

4. Visualize your goals and future, then act for them!

Having a physical space where you can see quotes, reminders, and photographs every day gives you an incentive to constantly strive for them in your routine actions and choices. According to multiple scientific studies, the things you surround yourself with unconsciously impact your life. There are no excuses knowing what your goals are and not acting! 

positive thinking

5. Always be appreciative of what happens in life.

Whether things be good or bad, everything in life is worth appreciating since it contributes to something better. Appreciation is acknowledging the past, present, and future, what you already have, the circumstances that are special to you alone, and the people that help propel you forward. It also keeps you humble and level-headed, preventing you from getting too caught in egotistical thoughts.

6. Get to know yourself.

You’re a cool person!  Why wouldn’t you want to know yourself? In all seriousness, by understanding how we function and behave, we are better equipped for making the best choices, keeping ourselves accountable, and knowing our emotional and physical limits. Getting to know oneself involves acknowledging the individual qualities unique to us, and looking at dark parts that shouldn’t be treated like monsters, but rather battles to be defeated.

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7. Make the choice to always overcome challenges, regardless of how difficult they are.

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, embrace lies and excuses, or live life for other people. But giving yourself the freedom to free fall into life and develop a resilience to overcome challenges is a true mark of strength and maturity. How does that create a positive perspective change you ask? Well, by believing in yourself to push through difficult moments time after time, you see the rewards and benefits that come from your strength: getting to say you hurdled through another challenge, finding another beautiful thing about life, and preparing yourself for the next round.


This is a guest post written by Trevor McDonald.

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