I’m on my phone, laptop, and desktop a lot. I run my own public relations firm and moonlight as a lifestyle blogger, so I’m always connected. For me, it’s very important to stay safe online. As my kids get older, I will be all over parental controls well.

Since the internet was invented, our world has changed greatly. Social media emerged, applications for smartphones and tablets were created, and people just became obsessed with the thought of being able to see the world and talk to friends without going outside in just a few clicks.

5 Ways to Stay Safe Online

Aside from making the world smaller by letting us connect easily to different people regardless of distance and giving us the privilege to read, see, and even hear things in just a few searches, there are still dangers online. Hackers, trolls, and scams are also prowling online and may cost you money, and even, your privacy. To help you avoid dangers that lurk online, here are five ways to stay safe online.

1. Use a complex password

Yes, even if your account is protected by a password, its security still depends on how complicated or easy your password is. There have been thousand of people losing their access to personal accounts and losing money just because they had a simple password. Most hackers find it easier to hack accounts when there are no complex characters in it. So the next time you want to make “1234” your password, make sure you include other characters to make it complicated like “12Nx34Kxv”.

2. Do not click on unusual emails that offer “too good to be true” services or rewards

As the saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”. The same thing could be said online. Chances are you have received an email that says you won a huge amount of money from a raffle you didn’t even join or a company offers to give you free stuff or money just by clicking on the link attached to the email. Most of the time, these emails are scams or viruses waiting for you to be downloaded.

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3. Install a piece of anti-virus software or web application firewall

It is important to have a piece of security code on your gadgets, especially if you’re active online. Most antivirus software automatically downloads updates on existing viruses and updates on new threats. So, make sure you get a good anti virus that will secure all your devices.

One great firewall that is available on the market today is CUJO. It detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. It even acts as an anti-virus for your entire network. Aside from that, it can be controlled with an app, it has parental control, it guards all devices, and much more. I love my CUJO Smart Internet Firewall!

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4. Guard your personal information

Consider your personal information vulnerable on the internet… because it is. So, make sure that you don’t give it away easily when asked your full name, address, phone number, card number, etc.

5. Don’t overshare

If you think you’re about to share unnecessary information about you or your personal life on the web, then maybe you should reconsider posting it. This is because scammers prey on those people who overshare information, so remember you are being watched by your friends and people you don’t know… including bad ones. So always be careful.


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