I made my first no-sew tutu for my daughter Julianna before she was even born.

I’m not the best sewer in the world and I love the look of a DIY no-sew tutu, so when I found out how to make a tutu skirt without sewing, I made a few more.

Rainbow Tutu Skirt DIY [VIDEO]

Julianna had a pink and yellow one for her first birthday, a scarlet and gray one to cheer on the Ohio State Buckeyes, and now, she has a rainbow tutu.

This one was for a fun family shoot!

All of the other tutus I made were with ribbon. I would tie the tutu skirt on and untie it to take it off.

Because Julianna is four now, she’s able to dress herself, so I made this no-sew tutu with elastic she can easily pull on and off. Both are great because both grow with your little girl, so the tutu skirts can be worn for a while.

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How to Make a Rainbow Tutu Skirt

Learning how to make a no-sew tutu is easier to watch than reading, so I’ve included this video tutorial in addition to some written instructions.

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  • You shouldn’t need more than two yards of tulle to complete a tutu skirt for a little girl.
  • Whether you’re using a ribbon or elastic, the measuring process is the same. Just wrap it around your little girl’s waist and mark where you should start and finish.
  • Once you have the tulle, lay it out long ways on a flat surface. I fold it up, keeping it long ways, to make it easier to cut.


  • Cut at least 4-inch sections. The smaller the pieces, the shorter the tutu.
  • Cutting Tip: Fold the tulle in half, cut. Repeat until you have your desired length of tulle for the tutu skirt.
  • When all of your pieces are cut, tie them around the elastic or ribbon. If you’re using an elastic, you can pull the tulle through the holes. The more holes you fill, the fuller the tutu will be.


  • Be sure to stop and make sure you’re not tying too much tulle to the ribbon or elastic by trying it on your little girl as you go.
  • You can either tie the ribbon or elastic in a bow when putting it on your little girl, or you could sew the elastic together when you finish.

Good luck making your rainbow tutu skirt… or whatever tulle you decide to buy for your no sew tutu!

how to make a tutu

If you want to tackle an even bigger DIY project, check out this post.

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