Have you already decided what you are going to be this Halloween? If not, then think quick because we’re almost there. 

No matter which costume you decide to wear, Halloween looks are incomplete without contact lenses – especially if you’re dressing up as something scary. Wearing good on-brand contact lenses that change your natural eye color can really elevate your look… even if you have brown eyes or dark eyes.

Best Contact Lenses for Halloween

In this blog post, I’m sharing seven different kinds of white contact lenses and black contact lenses for white eyes, black eyes, and other crazy lenses to step up a variety of Halloween costumes fit for a Haunted House.

The below are from online retailers and will add a special effect to your creepy costumes – whether you’re going for blind-white contact lenses or the highest quality of popular color, I have plenty of options (some with free shipping!). 

1. Princess Pinky Cosplay White Blind

Check here to buy it on Pinky Paradise for $12.

First on our list are these white contact lenses from Pinky Paradise’s Princess Pinky collection. Beware because these lenses are not as wholesome as their name makes them sound. 

These all-white contact lenses will suck all the life out of your eyes and make you look lifeless. The white blind lenses are a great fit for people going for a zombie look this Halloween, but they will cover your pupil.

Note: People say when they wear them, they can’t see a thing!

White Contact Lenses for Halloween

2. Princess Pinky Blackout Mini Sclera

Check here to buy it on Pinky Paradise for $15.

These are other recommendations from Pinky Paradise. These contacts are called Blackout Mini Sclera and portray a demonic look. These cosplay contacts will make you look possessed. (Hey, it’s Halloween!) 

You can also use them with a cat costume or with any other costume to look more mysterious or evil.

3. White Viper Colored Contact Lenses

Have you ever heard about the conspiracy that there are reptiles living among us under the disguise of human beings? Google it. It is an actual theory that some people believe. Whether you are a believer or not, you can use white lenses to make your eyes look more reptilian.

For more, very cool lenses from the brand and even get prescription lenses, click here.

4. Sweety Black Sclera Lens Black

Check here to buy it on Uniqso for $68.

If you like the Blackout lenses from Pinky Paradise but want something more intense, these may be a fit. These Sweety Black Sclera lenses can cover your entire eye and send shivers down everyone’s spine. 

It is perfect for an X-Men or witch look.

White Contact Lenses for Halloween

5. Colorvue Crazy Lens White Screen/White Mesh

Check here to buy it on Uniqso for $24.

If you want a pair of blind white contact lenses with a little bit of detail, then this pair of white contacts from Uniqso is a perfect fit. The white-out lenses with black detail make these lenses look unique. 

These lenses go well with ghost costumes and plenty of zombie costumes to complete a scary look.

6. Crazy Blood Splat Halloween Eyes

Check here to buy it on Twinklens for $25.

This pair of contacts is crazy!

While staying consistent with our black and white contact lenses for the Halloween theme, these crazy contact lenses choice will excite gore lovers. Just as the name suggests, these lenses are for a crazy blood splat Halloween look. (Ew!)

Whether you are going for a bloody patient or an insane doctor who’s crazy for blood, these lenses will fit your look… and scare a lot of people.

7. Double Iris Creepy Epic Sclera Eye

Check here to buy it on Twinklens for $300.

These are pricey ones!

Ok, these contact lenses aren’t your basic black or white but it just felt wrong not to include them on the list. The Twinklens’ Double Iris Sclera lenses are truly the epitome of creepy. No matter which costume you pick, these lenses will make it scarier.

Tips for Wearing Halloween Contact Lenses

Before you wear your Halloween lenses, I wanted to give you a few tips. These tips will make wearing the contact lenses more comfortable. If you’re like me and hate putting contacts in and taking them out of my eyes, then listen up!

White Contact Lenses for Halloween
  • Dried out Halloween contact lenses, or any contact lenses in general, can hurt your eyes. So, make sure to soak your Halloween contact lenses in contact solution in a lens case 24 hours prior to use.
  • Before handling contact lenses wash your hands to get rid of all of the germs and avoid an eye infection.
  • Now, check the contact lenses for any tears or rips, because putting on damaged contact lenses can irritate your eyes.
  • I recommend applying contact lenses with your fingertips only because some tools can damage the lenses and your eyes. (Don’t make scary Halloween eye lenses make a scary real life situation.)
  • It is better to put the contact lenses on before putting on makeup. If you are wearing fake lashes, it can make putting on lenses a bit harder.
  • While you are wearing the lenses avoid rubbing your eyes. It can not only move the contact lenses but also tear them.
  • When you are done with using the colored contacts wash them with the contact solution before putting them back in the case.
  • And lastly, in case of any discomfort, remove the contact lenses. You might not be able to rock your look without them but trust me, your eyes’ health is more important than any Halloween look.
White Contact Lenses for Halloween

3 Things you Should Never do With Your Contact Lenses

Now that you know how to wear contact lenses properly, it only seemed right to tell you what not to do with your Halloween contact lenses.

1. Don’t Share

When it comes to contacts, sharing is definitely not caring. Experts say using someone else’s contact lenses increases the risk of eye infections. And no, rinsing them with a contact solution does not mean you can wear used contact lenses.

2. Don’t Overuse

Some contact lenses are disposable and meant to use only once. Meanwhile, others can be used for around a year. So, check the manufacturer’s instructions (or better yet, your eye doctor) and use your decorative lenses accordingly since they can have a different life span than the various types you’ve worn before.

3. Don’t Drive

Yes, you might want to go to that Halloween party but do not drive while wearing your Halloween contact lenses if your vision is a little blurry. Some of the cosplay lenses can partially blur your vision. Wearing these spooky eyes when driving can be dangerous. So, call an Uber or a Lyft. (It’s the better way!)

White Contact Lenses for Halloween

No matter your choice of decorative contact lenses for Halloween – circle lenses with a black pupil, white zombie contact lenses, cat eye contacts, or even just something that gives you a spooky look, don’t forget to share your Halloween look with me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay.

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