This holiday season, let’s focus on simple ways to make a difference instead of things, shall we? 

Christmas gifts don’t always need to come in the form of toys, clothes, and tech gadgets. Sometimes the best Christmas presents are experiences. It’s an exciting time of year and there are plenty of ways a simple act or helping hand can turn a tough time around.

10 Ways To Give To Back to Others This Christmas

Here are 20 ideas and ways to give back to others this Christmas. The good news? Not only are these 20 easy ways to make a difference in someone else’s life, but they will also make a difference in your life too.

1. Bake cookies for local first responders. 

This is something my kids and I do every year. Unfortunately, we took a couple of years off to avoid COVIC, but we will be back to delivering some goodies to our local police officers and firefighters. For a great Christmas cookie recipe and baking video with me and my kids, click here.

10 Ways To Give To Back to Others This Christmas

2. Pack stockings for homeless people.

I’m a big fan of Dollar Tree. Here, you can get all the things you need to put in a stocking… and the stocking itself. Dollar Tree has lots of great toiletries, snacks, books, etc. that would make anyone’s day. Click here to find homeless shelters in your area to donate to.

3. Donate toys.

My kids have so many toys in great condition they never play with. So, why not get them out of the house and put a new toy into some hands who will really appreciate them?! Click here to find a local Toys for Tots to donate gently used toys. For non-toy ideas, click here.

10 Ways To Give To Back to Others This Christmas

4. Visit a nursing home. 

COVID threw a wrench in nursing home visits, but to learn if it’s safe to volunteer your time at a local nursing home, click here. Also, don’t forget to visit your elderly neighbors and ask them if they need anything.

5. Adopt a family. 

You can adopt a child or family for the holidays. We always did this when my kids were in daycare and their daycare would set it up with a wish list for a child. If you need help finding someone to adopt for the holidays, click here.

6. Donate to a food bank.

To find food banks in your area, visit Feeding America by clicking here. While we’re on the food topic, you can find a local soup kitchen to donate food or time to as well. If you’re donating food, visit your locally owned grocery store instead of a big chain.

10 Ways To Give To Back to Others This Christmas

7. Volunteer to wrap gifts.

Some people enjoy wrapping holiday gifts and making them look beautiful, while others are terrible at it. (Hi dad!) If this is something you like doing and you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the malls and shopping centers during the Christmas season, then volunteer to wrap gifts.

10 Ways To Give To Back to Others This Christmas

8. Take lunches to people who work over the holidays.

I like to default to first responders for this one, but feel free to swing by a locally owned restaurant for a catering package and surprise some people at work. You can also share a gift card to a local restaurant for employees to order themselves or even treat themselves to Christmas dinner.

9. Grant a wish.

As a wish granter for the Make a Wish Foundation, I’m a big fan of donating time or money to grant a specific wish for a child with a life-threatening illness. To do this, give your local organization a call and see what their needs are by clicking here.

10. Pay someone’s layaway balance.

This idea is obviously catered to someone with an extra hundred dollars or two. If you won’t miss it, it could make the holiday season for someone else.

10 Ways To Give To Back to Others This Christmas

Need more ideas? Check out local organizations like the American Red Cross, Operation Christmas Child, and Salvation Army

Don’t forget about: 

  • visiting your local animal shelter,
  • participating in a toy drive for sick children at a local hospital,
  • donating to a local shelter for survivors of domestic violence,
  • sending care packages to military overseas,
  • giving a Christmas card to your mail carrier, 
  • checking in with local schools to see if they need additional school supplies,
  • and all the other local organizations that perform acts of kindness and give extra help to those in need. 
10 Ways To Give To Back to Others This Christmas

There are many different ways to give back to others this Christmas. A small holiday gift, or small gifts, could go a long way for someone less fortunate.

How are you giving back? Find me on Instagram and let me know at @ChristinaAllDay.

  1. Shelby says:

    This year my family and I want to do something different and really make a difference in our community. So I am grateful to have found this blog post to share with them tonight! Thanks!

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