The best part about living (or vacationing) in downtown West Palm Beach is that the weather is great year-round. In the summer, it can get a little too hot for my liking, so I like to stick to indoor activities then. Regardless, West Palm Beach has something to offer everyone – fall, winter, spring, or summer. 

West Palm Beach has it all – restaurants, wine bars, happy hour, live bands, top DJs, museums, art, the intercoastal waterway, the Atlantic Ocean, etc. To find out more, check out this book my friend Cristyle wrote 111 Places in Palm Beach That you Must Not Miss.

Nightlife in West Palm Beach

The purpose of this blog post is to specifically focus on nightlife in West Palm Beach – the places to go and the people to see. Here is my list of the top 10 places to go for good times.

10 Best Spots for Nightlife in West Palm Beach

1. The Blind Monk 

If you’re a wino, this spot is for you. The Blind Monk is a great place to eat and drink. They serve wine, beer, and food. 

The owner created the kind of place he wanted to come home to. He is also a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and a Certified Sommelier. You can visit at 410 Evernia Street, No. 107 in West Palm Beach. Click here to learn more about The Blind Monk.

2. Rosemary Square

Rosemary Square is one of my favorite places to visit because it has everything – shopping, dining, a movie theater, and even a comedy club. For food, you can take your pick of Japanese, Mexican, Tuscan, or Southwestern dishes. For drinks, you can find wine and craft beer here too! 

Some places here (that used to be known as City Place) are highlighted below as well. If I had to pick a local favorite – this place is mine.

For more information about Rosemary Square and all the things you can do there, click here.

3. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts 

The Kravis Center for Performing Arts is right around the corner from Rosemary Square and it attracts performers around the world by hosting all kinds of exciting shows. 

For a list of upcoming concerts and performances, click here to visit the Kravis Center for Performing Arts website.


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4. The Taste History Culinary Tour 

I don’t care what city I’m in, I love a good tour. The Taste History Culinary is perfect for foodies. (I’m not one, but my husband is and he loves this stuff!) 

Each tour consists of a variety of food tastings, including an entertaining background of the food. This tour takes you away from West Palm Beach a bit and into the surrounding cities of Delray Beach and Lake Worth. For more on this culinary tour, click here.

Click here to see a food tour called Craft Food Tours that I took with my husband in Delray Beach. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.

5. Clematis Street

Like Rosemary Square, this is another area that has a lot to offer. The dining and drinking you will find on Clematis Street is the best in West Palm Beach. Some of the spots listed below are on Clematis Street and will show you a great night and a good time.

For more on where to bar hop and plan your night out, click here. If you’re looking for the best restaurants on Clematis Street, click here. Finally, I want to be sure I’m sending you to the experts, so make sure you follow @AGuyOnClematis on Instagram for everything. Clematis nightlife.


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6. Roxy’s Pub

Anyone in for rooftop dinner? Count me in! Roxy’s pub offers a comfortable atmosphere to dance, sing, enjoy about 64 varieties of beer, and live life to the fullest. What I love most is the varieties of beer on tap – ciders and local brews included at the rooftop bar. On St. Patrick’s Day – this is the best place to be!

For more information on Roxy’s Pub on Clematis Street, click here.


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7. City Cellar Wine Bar

City Cellar Wine Bar is located in Rosemary Square and remains one of the favorite dining destinations in West Palm Beach. It treats you to varieties of American dishes with special recipes culled from local ingredients. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, treat yourself to a weekend getaway with Bloody Marys or bottomless mimosas. 

View the City Cellar Wine Bar menu here.

8. Blue Martini

The Blue Martini lounge is another hotspot you don’t want to miss. It is home to professional and amateur tourists who want to watch their favorite musician perform while sipping craft cocktails or great wine and nibbling on small plates. 

For more on the good food, delicious drinks, and live music, click here.

9. Pawn Shop Lounge

The Pawn Shop Lounge offers a unique club experience with drinks, astonishing decor, trending tunes, and an unforgettable vibe. 

Make sure you have dinner before you come because this place doesn’t open until 9:00 pm. Click here for more.

10. Improv Comedy Club

Remember when I said there is a lot to do at Rosemary Square? Just add Improv Comedy Club to the list. It’s a great place to stop after having dinner to laugh with a comedian. The roster for performance features notable names like Rodney Dangerfield, Gary Shandling, Lily Tomlin, Jim Carey, Dennis Miller, Bob Saget, and others. 

Click here to see who is performing next!


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6 Reasons West Palm Beach is More Than Just Nightlife

Florida isn’t just a place for people to retire, it’s also a great place to live if you like warm weather year-round. If you’re considering moving to West Palm Beach or a surrounding city like Wellington, Jupiter, or Palm Beach Gardens, here are some benefits. 

10 Best Spots for Nightlife in West Palm Beach

1. There’s no state income tax.

I’m a big fan of keeping the money I work for. This is a big bonus for me! Need I say more?

2. It is famous for SunFest. 

This is a fun one and when West Palm Beach sees tons of tourists. SunFest is a week-long festival where popular musical artists like Snoop Dogg, PitBull, Jason Derulo, and Keith Urban perform. Aside from the music, there’s also a large fireworks show that happens every year. Click here to learn more about SunFest.


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3. It is loaded with colleges and universities. 

Even if you don’t go to a school in Palm Beach County, like Florida Atlantic University or Lynn University in Boca Raton, you’re still so close to many in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

4. There’s a friendly job market. 

Just like there are lots of colleges and universities, there are also lots of opportunities for work. Many startups are popping up around the Palm Beaches and there is tons of development as well. Then, there is tourism – a big part of the local economy here. 

5. You can hop on the Brightline. 

I love the Brightline so much. I think a big part of it isn’t just because I hate driving in South Florida, but because it is new and clean. The Brightline can take you to Fort Lauderdale and Miami. It’s also opening up stations in Boca Raton, Aventura, Port Miami, the Orlando airport, and my soon-to-be favorite destination, Disney Springs! Some people use it for work, but it feels like play because it is so easy and convenient!


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6. It is a little, but a big city. 

Miami is huge. Fort Lauderdale is a tad smaller. West Palm Beach is smaller than that. It’s big enough that it has everything you need but small enough that it’s easy to escape the hustle and bustle of big city living – whether it’s driving over the bridge to Palm Beach or moving to a suburb of the city. 

Nightlife in West Palm Beach

Of course, there are many other places I could add to this list – Leopard Lounge in the Chesterfield Palm Beach, Copper Blues – a rock pub with live entertainment and kitchen that serves delicious food, Monarchy Nightclub or The Loft Nightcluba modern, neon-lit nightclub showcasing bottle service, DJ music, and a lively dance floor, E.R. Bradley’s Saloon, and other popular places in the city of West Palm Beach.

What are you doing in West Palm Beach for fun after work? Let me know where you spend your Saturday nights. Is it an upscale bar, riding a mechanical bull, a place with a pool table, or just enjoying an alternative crowd? Find me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and let me know what I missed on this list of West Palm Beach nightlife things to do.


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